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It is one of the business activities of WACOM R & D to provide our customers with thin film deposition service at thier request using the equipment installed in our own plant, that is, the MOCVD system for the next generation FeRAM and the MOCVD system for thin film deposition of high quality metals.

We used to provide our customers with services mostly by sputtering method, ion plating method, and electric plating method depending on each demand. In comparison with these usual maethods, the advantage of the newly developed MOCVD system is the mechanism to deposit thinner film of higher quality.

Furthermore, by applying special solution meterial, and by avoiding use of chloric gas and fluoric gas, it was possible to reduce accidents caused by a high temperature. Now, by our MOCVD system, it is possible to deposit metal oxide film and metal film of high quality safety at a low temperature.

Also, we areprepared to supply film deposition samples produced in a clean atmosphere built and controlled for research of a system intended for microscopic process after 0.18ƒÊm process.
These samples are usable at institutions such as universities or laboratories and also, are most suitable for trial production, development, and evaluation of semiconductor film to be deposited with next generation metal oxide and metal.


Advantages of our film deposition service
@@WACOM serves to help our customers as follows:
They are behind schedule through they have facility.
Their own CVD system is not available because the use of the system is restricted within a limit.
They do not want to buy a CVD system because they need sample of a small quantity.
They want to obtain basic data of CVD films in great variety.
They need film of special metal material deposited by a CVD system.
They want to obtain data gathered from experiment before they buy a CVD system.
They want to compare films of special materials in a ratio of composition.
They want to entrust other company with development and trial manufacture.

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